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Product Top Qualities


MILABRUSH was tested and confirmed by FCC, CE, ROSH PSE. Now we support only 100% Assurance of Compliance


The warranty guarantees the technical defect of the product except for the return of the product. MAINTENANCE WARRANTY does not apply to events and intentional use.


If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 14 working days. Returns are paid by the customer. After checking, your money will be refunded at 100%

About MilaBrush

Mila Brush is an American registered brand that is owned by Mila

Mila Brush Hair Straightener is the first product for whose components are originally American assembled in. Because of the quality of our brush, we serve and deliver to over 100 countries. We are also one of the few brands that values our customers and cares for their after-shopping experience. Thus, we don neglect the follow ups and we offer all our customers a 14-day money back and 1-year warranty. Moreover, we are constantly improving our services and products according to our customers needs and demands


Product Categories

Hair Straightener


MilaBrush is based on the latest technology and is equipped with an MCH heating system. The MCH heat system will flatten your hair without burning and will maintain the vitality of your hair.


Tangle Teezer


Whether you have fine, thick, curly, straight, wet or dry hair you'll be pleasantly surprised at how effortless our hair brush is. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it.


Hair Curler


Mila Hair Curler will save you time and will prevent you from paying more for beauty salons. Our new product, which is very comfortable to use and transports, will protect your hair and give you an ideal look.


Our Team


Liam Kayne


John Dow


Alyona Dudina

With Autumn Mila Brush it is better


With Autumn Mila Brush it is better

With the arrival of the autumn chapter moist and rainy weather has also started. Each curly and wavy hair ladies' smooth hair with this kind of moist and rainy weather has started to trouble. It is the desire of every lady to be able to reach the place where she wishes to come home as if she is in a hurry. Just Mila Brush hair straightening brush is equipped to fulfill your desires. Mila Brush will become your number one friend to protect you from the moist, rainy and windy weather of the autumn. You will want to carry it in your bag everywhere you go because in 5 minutes Mila Brush will give your hair a shine and splendor in the mysterious and magical beauty of the autumn. So instead of turning these minor issues into a problem, you'll have the time to enjoy more than the autumn ...